Graphic Leaves Wallpaper

Printed wall murals is highly versatile and can be used in various settings including residential, commercial and public spaces.  Our wallpaper can transform a plain or dull wall into a focal point, adding depth texture and dimension.

Linen Wallpaper @ R550 per m²  – has a woven texture and adds warmth and depth to the image.
Soaking up the ink making it appear as if its painted by hand

Prestine Wallpaper  @ R650 per  m² – is water and steam resistant. It’s slightly textured and dreamy to print on.

We can offer an attractive and customisable solution for adding visual interest into your space.

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Please Note:

The colors displayed on a screen may differ from the final printed output, and the design proportions may vary when scaled to your measurements. 


Linen Wallpaper, Prestine Wallpaper

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